Middle Caicos is 48 square miles of natural beauty. Dramatic cliffs and offshore rocks create a magnificent seascape along the northern coast. The Ramsar International Biodiversity Wetlands Reserve features stunning birdlife in the south. Middle Caicos remains the heartland of TCI culture including traditional straw craft and fanner grass basketry, native sloop building and model sailboat carving/racing. This remarkable island has 3 small friendly villages, 17 deserted beaches and many open acres of verdant green landscape. Come visit us soon!

Middle Caicos Co-op
The Middle Caicos Co-op is a not-for-profit venture dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of TCI handcrafts and art. We are very proud of the MCCo-op success in promoting the heritage and culture of TCI, in creating a vibrant market for TCI handcrafts, and in developing a sustainable economy for TCI artisans.

The excitement is real as the MCCo-op takes a giant leap forward! The North Caicos outlet has been expanded now to house the Caicos Straw Craft shop, the Caicos Straw Museum and Archive and the Valentines Day Cup Boathouse! Bringing together three cultural heritage traditions has been a long work, but the work is almost complete, opening hopefully summer 2022. All will be open Tuesday to Friday 11am to 3pm.

The Caicos Straw Craft shop will have the greatest selection of TCI artisanal crafts in the country, including a huge selection of straw work, fanner grass and plait work, with paintings, print, cards, conch shell jewelry, and more – ALL LOCALLY MADE! Custom and wholesale orders are welcome.

The Caicos Straw Museum and Archive has an amazing exhibit of Black & White photos showcasing the lifestyle of the Caicos Islands, interpretive displays explaining the of fanner grass and plait straw work, examples of forgotten lore and a project table for hand on experience of the traditional craft work. A program of special activity days and craft lessons welcomes you.

The Valentine’s Day Cup Boathouse proudly displays the fleet of hand carved model sailboats which race each year in February! It also houses an active workshop for repair and maintenance of the sailboats, with volunteers needed and welcome. Classes in boat carving are planned. The goal is to encourage involvement with the community, teaching and educating to preserve the wonderful world of TCI cultural traditions. Come visit, bring your kids for a workshop, share the idea!

ON North Caicos: the flagship MCCO-op outlet is at the Caicos Straw Craft shop, My Dees Plaza, central NC.
ON Grand Turk: at the Turks and Caicos National Museum on Front Street
On Provo: Anna’s Gallery in the Salt Mills, OKaicos shop at the Ritz Carlton

VALENTINE’S DAY CUP, February 10, 2024!  Stay tuned for details!

Traditional Turks & Caicos Model Sailboat Races

The model sailboat race day on Bambarra Beach in Middle Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands is ready for it’s annual event this coming year with a great line up of boats, food and music! So make plans to come and enjoy this wonderful cultural festival.

From the beginnings long ago at the turn of the millennium, with 6 boats and a handful of friends on the beach the Valentines Day Cup has become a national event, beloved by residents and visitors alike. Now, with over 25 boats in the Middle Caicos Sailboat Association fleet, plus over 10 boats coming in with their captains, the races are more serious and skillful!

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