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December 2015 update


December 2015 – another year has almost slipped away! All our good wishes for a very Happy Holiday season to everyone, and we hope to see you here on Middle Caicos at Daniels Café/ Middle Caicos Co-op very soon.

This year has been good for us but not without its challenges! The weather has given us days and even weeks of rain, creating a lush and beautiful green world to explore and enjoy – but also bringing the odd leak in the roof, a flurry of mosquitoes and some large puddles in the roads!! The waves on the ocean have been magnificent, as the swollen seas repeatedly sent enormous cresting waves crashing onto our shore here in Conch Bar. The summer heat was tough this year but no hurricanes- although Joaquin dumped an amazing amount of water here over a few days before heading north to savage the central Bahamas. The government has given us a wonderful new culvert on the causeway , and soon the entire journey from Sandy Point to Middle Caicos will be on smoooooooth pavement!

We look forward to a terrific tourist season for 2015-16 and are very proud of our renovations at the café and the coop shop. We are also very happy to have partnered with Big Blue to now bring ecotourism excursions directly to visitors staying on North & Middle Caicos, with weekly kayak and bike trips, guided as only BB can offer, to discover the backroads and channels of these islands. Preserving the natural beauty and traditional culture surrounding us is a clear goal to share with you!

So plan your trip to visit us asap – and let us know if you need any assistance:

Tropical Storm Christobel

Rain and rain and rain and then more rain…the entire country had a weekend soaking, with constant rain and drizzle, keeping us all relaxing indoors. The flooding has been and in some cases still is dramatic, but not catastrophic overall.

AS at Thursday August 28th, here on Middle Caicos the village of Lorimers is still difficult to reach due to water on the road but the causeway is sound, with no visible damages. Both Conch Bar and Bambarra villages are on higher ground with good runoff capacity so little standing water left.

Much more seriously, on North Caicos the central area developed a huge lake preventing regular traffic between Bottle Creek and Whitby up to today, and Kew is very full of water. With such a drought for the first half of 2014, this water is badly needed and you can almost feel the verdant green blooming forth on trees and shrubs. It will undoubtedly however lead to a vast increase in our beloved mosquito population, so treating all significant puddles & ponds and clearing standing water is our current priority!!

Thanks for a GREAT year !

Well, it is time for our annual shut down, maintenance, repair, construction and vacation time!! We are very excited about our plans for the new Flying Deck and Outdoor Grill Patio at the cafe, the new Model Boat Display/Storage area at the MCCo-op – plus some more surprises for next season.

Daniels Cafe and the Middle Caicos Co-op will be CLOSED from Monday September 1, 2014 and OPEN on Tuesday November 4th 2014. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all our customers – we really enjoy your company and bringing you the best of local TCI seafood! Particular thanks to those who send out those important Facebook likes/pix, and Trip Advisor reviews  as we received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2014, making it now 4 years in a row!!

PS : We had great success this year with special events and catering occasions, and encourage you to contact us for information when planning your next staff party/celebration/reunion/retreat/birthday/anniversary…….email us anytime

Big Blue Unlimited Outpost

The eco-partnership between the Middle Caicos Co-op and Big Blue Unlimited dates back to 2000..a long time ago! Little airplanes brought day tourists over to spend the day here on Middle Caicos to ride the Kings Road, learn about local crafts and bush medicine, and eat local food at Daniels Cafe!

We are delighted to take a fresh step forward together as Daniels Cafe/ Middle Caicos Co-op in Conch Bar becomes the ecotourism outpost for Big Blue Unlimited and for all their tours on North and Middle Caicos. Their popular tour “Hearts of the Island “ operated from Provo comes to Conch Bar for an immersion in local craft traditions and local seafood, while several new tours and activities focused for visitors staying on North and Middle Caicos will be introduced this fall :

  • Bambarra beach picnic day,
  • Lorimers lagoon kayak trip,
  • East Caicos exploration trip,
  • Kings Road mountain bike trail,
  • Crossing Place Trail guided hikes.

This will be a great addition to the tourism amenities available on North and Middle Caicos, and with Big Blue Unlimited leading the way it will be a serious success!!

Middle Caicos Co-op and Amanyara Resort

The Middle Caicos Co-op had a relatively quiet year. No real growth in outlet sales on Provo, but an increase in sales at the Conch Bar outlet enabled small, steady purchases from the local artisans. Hope for an outlet at the new international airport departure lounge continues, however no positive news to date.

The production of palmtop plait work sewn into bags, clutches, Ipad cases, small purses and table mats is strong and we are delighted to announce an agreement with the Amanyara Resort to produce a signature bag for them. This is a special bag of their own design with selected fabric linings, and this design will be made exclusively for the Amanyara Resort here in TCI. Our thanks to the resort for this excellent support of our local artisans. We look forward to more custom orders for the future!!

Valentines Day Cup 2015

The 2014 Valentines Day Cup event was a major success and all compliments to the new committee structure which works very well.

  • This year saw the introduction of the Premiers Cup Challenge for the big model boats over 45 inches and it was a well fought course.
  • The involvement of the Provo Sailing Association and TCI Sailing Club is terrific and will bring more visibility to our traditional model sailboat racing sport.
  • With the 2014 event day proceeds we will be buying new boats and creating a new display/education area.

The search for a permanent key sponsor continues –  this would add great stability to the event , and assist with the development of outreach programs through the year. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions anytime,

Book Saturday February 14, 2015 to be on the beach with us for the Valentines Day Cup 2015!!

Valentines Day Cup 2014

PRESS RELEASE : February 17, 2014

VDC for enewsletter March


Bambarra beach, Middle Caicos in the Turks & Caicos Islands was the place to be this Saturday February 15th, 2014 for the fourteenth annual Valentines Day Cup Model Sailboat Races. Begun as a milennium project in 2000 to revive the traditional hand carved model sailboats – a beloved toy in bygone years – this wonderful event is now a major feature on the TCI calendar each year with over 50 model sailboats boats participating in four race classes. And new for 2014, the Premiers Cup race for the large (over 40” ) boats was officially initiated as the Hon. Dr. Rufus Ewing, Premier of the Turks & Caicos Islands, took to the water! Participation across the board was very keen with over a dozen captains in the water racing boats in each class, with an enthusiastic crowd on the beach cheering everyone round the course!! Continue reading