December 2015 update


December 2015 – another year has almost slipped away! All our good wishes for a very Happy Holiday season to everyone, and we hope to see you here on Middle Caicos at Daniels Café/ Middle Caicos Co-op very soon.

This year has been good for us but not without its challenges! The weather has given us days and even weeks of rain, creating a lush and beautiful green world to explore and enjoy – but also bringing the odd leak in the roof, a flurry of mosquitoes and some large puddles in the roads!! The waves on the ocean have been magnificent, as the swollen seas repeatedly sent enormous cresting waves crashing onto our shore here in Conch Bar. The summer heat was tough this year but no hurricanes- although Joaquin dumped an amazing amount of water here over a few days before heading north to savage the central Bahamas. The government has given us a wonderful new culvert on the causeway , and soon the entire journey from Sandy Point to Middle Caicos will be on smoooooooth pavement!

We look forward to a terrific tourist season for 2015-16 and are very proud of our renovations at the café and the coop shop. We are also very happy to have partnered with Big Blue to now bring ecotourism excursions directly to visitors staying on North & Middle Caicos, with weekly kayak and bike trips, guided as only BB can offer, to discover the backroads and channels of these islands. Preserving the natural beauty and traditional culture surrounding us is a clear goal to share with you!

So plan your trip to visit us asap – and let us know if you need any assistance: