Local Artisans

Straw Weaving is Alive in Turks & Caicos Islands


The Middle Caicos Co-op is a not-for-profit venture dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of TCI handcrafts and art. We are very proud of the MCCo-op success in promoting the heritage and culture of TCI, in creating a vibrant market for TCI handcrafts, and in developing a sustainable economy for TCI artisans.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Middle Caicos Co-op Sales Outlet in central North Caicos! Come and see how this co-op venture is keeping the culture of Caribbean basket weaving alive, with demonstrations and interpretive displays available.  Open daily 11am – 3pm.

Turks and Caicos Handmade handicrafts at the Middle Caicos Co-opHANDCRAFT OUTLETS – LOOK FOR OUR TAG

ON North Caicos: the flagship Middle Caicos Co-op Shop at My Dees Plaza, central NC.

ON Grand Turk: at the Turks and Caicos National Museum on Front Street

Thank you for supporting the local artisans of Turks & Caicos Islands!


Saturday market on Providenciales of the goods from Middle Caicos Coop

Displaying the Middle Caicos Co-op goods at Saturday Market at Graceway IGA on Providenciales

Juslene Sinferme at sewing machine in MCCo-op

Juslene Sinferme at sewing machine in MCCo-op

Beginning in 1998 with six artisans on Middle Caicos, the MCCo-op has grown to a fully national organization with over 60 members across the Turks & Caicos Islands. All handcrafts are made locally, and the variety continues to grow as artisans find a successful market. A wide array of straw work, conch shell craft, dolls, sewn work, food products, jewelry, paintings and model sailboats are available – all made / produced in TCI!

White top Plait

Making Plait from White Top Palm on Middle Caicos

Straw work is made from fanner grass and palm tops. The grass grows along the shore and is collected, cleaned and dried. The palmtops are cut, dried in bundles and then slit into thread size for sewing the baskets or for making plait. The baskets are sewn, with the grass as a weft and the palmtop as a thread, the plait is made by intertwining the threads in various sizes and patterns. From the plait a full line of  items is stitched, including clutch purses, change purses, Ipad cases, beach bags, portfolios, fans, placemats and more.

MCCO-op Artisans meeting July 2011 (3)

Middle Caicos Co-op Artisans meeting in Conch Bar

Sara in MCCo-op Provo Depot

Sara  ( founder) in Middle Caicos Co-op Wholesale Depot on Providenciales