Middle Caicos Tours

Big Blue Ecotours to Middle CaicosExploring Middle Caicos is an adventure you can enjoy on your own or with our Eco-partner BIG BLUE UNLIMITED. For many years we have encouraged and promoted together the pristine nature and historic culture of Middle Caicos and we are delighted you are interested in visiting us here !!

Below you will find two suggested itineraries for touring Middle Caicos  on your own, It is safe and very possible to explore Middle Caicos by car visiting many easy to find sites, or to spend time hiking the fabulous Crossing Place Trail. If you wish to join a group adventure or set up your own custom tour – please contact our renowned Eco-Adventure partner BIG BLUE UNLIMITED :  We highly recommend their special full day “Hearts of the Islands” tour, visiting both North & Middle Caicos for a very memorable day……………..  www.bigblueunlimited.com .



MIDDLE CACIOS SLOOPOn Middle Caicos there are a wide variety of sites to see,,,,,,,Bambarra beach, Middle Caicos Eco-Center, Conch Bar Caves, Mudjin Harbour, Crossing Place Trail, Haulover plantation – pick 2 or 3 if you want a laid back day, or find them all and really explore the island! The Middle Caicos Co-op handcraft shop and Daniel’s Café in Conch Bar offer a super rest stop, with fabulous seafood, local information and great souvenirs. Middle Caicos is very big, about three times as big as Provo, but with only 300 people. It is an island to be savoured, and many of its sites can be enjoyed for hours…remember, you can always come back! Click here for details


IMG_8781This hike takes about 4-5 hours round trip, and is the most spectacular walking route in the whole country, encompassing high cliffs, long beaches, rocky coves, salt marshes and bush pathways. This is a mildly strenuous excursion, across varied terrain from loose rock to beach sand, and definitely not for young children. Much of the way the actual path is not clear yet you are following the shoreline and cannot get lost! Click here for details

General Information on Middle Caicos

middlecaicos (1)The largest island in the Turks & Caicos chain, Middle Caicos has an area of 48 square miles. However, Middle Caicos is also the least populated island with less than 300 residents. It is a very lush island suitable for agriculture. From medicinal herbs to majestic fruit trees, Middle’s form of agriculture is a cultural feast to behold: Cassava, okra and guava, tamarinds, sapidillas and sugar apples, to name just a few. But the cornerstone of their crops is corn. Home grown and home ground, they use the pearly hearts to make their fabulous grits.

The foliage on Middle Caicos may catch your eye. “Old Man Cactus” is easily recognized because it stands much taller than plants around it and has a fuzzy white “beard” on top. There is also “Love Weed,” which legend insists will predict the outcome of a relationship.

The three communities on Middle Caicos are Conch Bar, Lorimers, and Bambarra. The settlement of Bambarra was established on the north shore of Middle Caicos in 1842 by survivors of the shipwreck of the Gambia, a Spanish slaver bound for Cuba. “Bambarra” refers to the Bamberra people who lived on the shores of the Niger River in West Africa.


Middle Caicos is known for bonefishing flats in the calm backwaters between the islands. Fishing trips, either deep sea, reef fishing or bonefishing, can be arranged with local native guides based from the Middle Caicos Coop. It is said that the most flavorful seafood comes from the deep waters surrounding Middle Caicos.

A less known local sport takes place off the shallow waters of Bambarra Beach. Sailing model sailboats, hand carved by local artisans is great way to stay cool and have mountains of fun. For more info click here.

Snorkelers enjoy the shallow clear waters of Bambarra Beach and various coral heads along the shore.

Kayaks are available for rent as well as pre-arranged eco-tours through the mangroves that team with creatures of both land and sea. Big Blue offers mountain biking and nature hikes.


A magnificent coastal trail, has shared its treasures with many through the years by providing a means of livelihood and communication to the islands in between. The old coastal path has now been reopened from Conch Bar to a site along the western shores of Middle, known as Crossing Place, where settlers used to cross-over to North Caicos. A haven for those that love to hike, the 5 mile trail leads along coastal headlands, down beaches and through inland bush.


Middle Caicos houses the largest above ground caves in all of the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos. The caves of Conch Bar were formed by an erosion of limestone.

CaveEntrance2Tours through the caves with local guides are arranged by contacting Middle Caicos Coop. If you aren’t spending the night, be sure to call for day excursions to Middle Caicos and the caves during your visit to Turks and Caicos Islands. Suitable for all ages. Proper footware required.

Evidence of Lucayan sites on Middle date back to the early 1400’s. A very important Lucayan settlement was excavated in 1978 on Middle Caicos. The site contains a Taino ball court which is unknown elsewhere in the Lucayan islands. Several archeological expeditions have unearthed fossils and facts that lead to the belief that this island was once an epicenter for these ancient Indian tribes.