Tropical Storm Christobel

Rain and rain and rain and then more rain…the entire country had a weekend soaking, with constant rain and drizzle, keeping us all relaxing indoors. The flooding has been and in some cases still is dramatic, but not catastrophic overall.

AS at Thursday August 28th, here on Middle Caicos the village of Lorimers is still difficult to reach due to water on the road but the causeway is sound, with no visible damages. Both Conch Bar and Bambarra villages are on higher ground with good runoff capacity so little standing water left.

Much more seriously, on North Caicos the central area developed a huge lake preventing regular traffic between Bottle Creek and Whitby up to today, and Kew is very full of water. With such a drought for the first half of 2014, this water is badly needed and you can almost feel the verdant green blooming forth on trees and shrubs. It will undoubtedly however lead to a vast increase in our beloved mosquito population, so treating all significant puddles & ponds and clearing standing water is our current priority!!