Valentines Day Cup 2015

The 2014 Valentines Day Cup event was a major success and all compliments to the new committee structure which works very well.

  • This year saw the introduction of the Premiers Cup Challenge for the big model boats over 45 inches and it was a well fought course.
  • The involvement of the Provo Sailing Association and TCI Sailing Club is terrific and will bring more visibility to our traditional model sailboat racing sport.
  • With the 2014 event day proceeds we will be buying new boats and creating a new display/education area.

The search for a permanent key sponsor continues –  this would add great stability to the event , and assist with the development of outreach programs through the year. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions anytime,

Book Saturday February 14, 2015 to be on the beach with us for the Valentines Day Cup 2015!!